28 November 2012, Wednesday, 13:26

Vocalists from Ufa became winners of the international competition «Angels of Hope»

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Ufa vocalists Liya Hammatova, Maria and Anastasiya Barabash (trio "Gavriki") — pupils of Children's musical school No.4 have won the Grand prix in the nomination «Vocal creativity-Band» at the IX International competition «Songs and dances of nations «Angels of Hope».

By results of the competition Askar Hadeev became the winner of I degree in the nomination «Vocal creativity -«Jazz» and «Instrument creativity». Besides, the famous saxophonist Sergey Stepanov invited the young vocalist to the international competition in Moldova. Olga Dmitrieva and Liya Hammatova were recognised the best jazz performers, and the duet «Sisters Barabash» was named the best band.

“We take part in the «Angels of Hope» festival for the second time,” teacher-choreographer Alena Gorbunova says. “For this year pupils have considerably raised their professional level, and it was reflected in jury’s marks.”