27 November 2012, Tuesday, 18:36

“Wi-Fi-Epidemic” linked one of Ufa maternity houses up with internet free

author: Elmira Sabirova

“United Russia Young Guardians” project “Wi-Fi Epidemic” goes on actively developing in Ufa and Ufa maternity house N4 has become a new object, having free internet access. Newly-fledged moms are delighted with this novelty but the medics warn that internet access is available only by phones and notebooks here are prohibited.

The federal program “Wi-Fi Epidemic” started in February 2011. At present time it is running in 67 Russian regions.

The curator of the project Alla Buchkova says that originally higher and secondary special education institutions were linked up with internet. Further the project was continued. Now free internet is available in many entertaining centers, at sports and other institutions.

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