27 November 2012, Tuesday, 12:10

Rauf Nugumanov: “Bashkortostan fails no delays in construction of kindergartens”

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

All kindergartens, which were planned to be opened in 2012, will be put into operation in time, the first deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Rauf Nugumanov stated during live TV-program “Talking to Authority”, answering the question, how it is possible to put 52 kindergartens into exploitation by the deadline, if just 17 are ready today.

“Registration of necessary documentation takes too much time” – the deputy Prime-Minister explained – “If we talk about 17 kindergartens, we mean just those, which have already passed registration and received exploitation permission but in reality much more objects are ready for exploitation”.

At that the Vice-Premier has underscored that only 22 of 52 kindergartens are the newly erected objects and others are the former kindergartens, sold out in due time, but purchased back and they will work as kindergartens after reconstruction.

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