26 November 2012, Monday, 13:51

Average price of one-room apartment in Ufa is 2,54 million roubles

author: Luboth Kolokolova

The prices for the real estate in Ufa continue to be pricy. Experts of one of the largest in Russia classifieds sites established that the average price of one-room apartment in Ufa makes 2540000 roubles. In the Bashkir capital a two-room apartment is more expensive almost by one third– 3670000 roubles. A three-room apartment on average will cost 5430000 roubles.

If to compare shares of one — two-and three-room apartments in the market of Ufa today all three variants are presented approximately in identical parity. Classifieds of sale of one-room apartments make hardly more than one third of offers on the real estate site (33,76 %). The second place (33,66 %) is occupied by  two-room apartments. 28,05 % of classifieds are devoted to three-room apartments, and the remained 4,53 % fall on multiroom apartments.

As to new buildings and secondary housing in the Ufa market, the greatest difference is marked in the category of three-room apartments: 60,4 % of classifieds relate to secondary housing (against 39,6 % of new buildings). Among two-room apartments 57,5 % of offers are made by secondary fund and 42,5 % by just put into operation apartments. Almost equal quantity of secondary and new objects – 53,9 % and 46,1 % accordingly – is observed among advertisements on sale of one-room apartments.