23 November 2012, Friday, 13:19

Simulation training center for medics is opened in Ufa

author: Rozalia Valeeva

A simulation center for training of medics and for the rise of their professional competencies with the purpose of reduction of infant and maternal death rate is opened under the Bashkir State Medical University. Its opening is dated to the 80th anniversary of the University.

Federal budget allocated 37,5 million rubles for its opening. The center has 17 units of training and medical equipment: computerized dummy robots, imitating adult patients, women, recently confined, training phantoms for concrete medical manipulations (birth imitator, womb examination etc).

The center also has three virtual operating rooms, two chambers for reanimation and intensive care, two rooms for training practical skills, two classrooms and one lecture hall with the screen to watch all processes of operations. The center is provided with the manuals, composed by scientists of the USA and Germany, where such centers already work long ago.

About 1500 medics expected to be trained in the center every year.