23 November 2012, Friday, 10:15

Highly effective modular boiler-house is to be commissioned in Ufa

author: Luboth Kolokolova

In the Ufa district "Zaton" a new highly effective modular boiler-house will appear. Experts of «Ufa Utility Networks» municipal unitary enterprise started a final stage of works on installation of the boiler with total capacity 2 Mw.

The next months the boiler-house will provide heat supply to eight apartment houses in Pozharsky and Ahmetshin Streets, and also to the kindergarten No.7 and musical school No.9. However the total capacity of the boiler-house is meant for higher loadings that is especially significant in connection with the prospect to construct a new residential complex in Zaton.

The total heated volume of the modular boiler-house will exceed 29700 cubic metres. Heating loading will make 0,6 Ggkal/hour. The commissioning is planned till the end of November of the current year.

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov repeatedly marked necessity of transition to modern technologies in the heat supply sphere. Introduction of the new boiler-house in Zaton will be the next step by the city administration to increase energy efficiency of the given branch.

themes: heat supply