22 November 2012, Thursday, 17:49

Bashkortostan ran the budget surplus for ten months

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Bashkortostan Republic ran the consolidated budget with 2,2 billion roubles surplus following the results of 10 last months 2012. The budget revenues and expenditures are financed in volume of 120 billion roubles and 117,8 billion roubles, accordingly, the Ministry of Finance RB informs. In comparison with the same period of the last year revenues are higher by 5,5 percent, and expenditures – by 19,4 percent.

The main sources of the treasury replenishment are personal income taxes (NDFL) and corporate income taxes, and also excises and property taxes. Thus if NDFL revenues, excises and property taxes increased – growth to level of 2011, accordingly, 13 percent, 12,3 percent and 14,2 percent the sum of corporate income tax decreased by 1,6 percent.

A social component still prevails in the structure of expenditures. Three quarters of all volume of expenditures are directed to subsidies for budgetary organisations, medical and pension insurance of unemployed citizens, various grants, scholarships and other social payments to the population.

The Bashkortostan Republic budget for January-October, 2012 is ran on revenues in the sum of 97,2 billion roubles (105 percent by the similar period of 2011), on expenditures — in the sum of 97, 9 billion (122,3 percent). Incomes of local budgets made 56,3 billion roubles (117,5 percent), expenditures  – 53,4 billion (117,8 percent).