22 November 2012, Thursday, 14:11

The Agency of Professional Qualifications Development will be created in Bashkortostan

author: Luboth Kolokolova

«Ural Regional Agency of Qualification Development» and the «National Centre of Managing Directors Certification» agreed upon joint creation of an independent noncommercial organisation «Agency of Professional Qualifications Development of Bashkortostan Republic».

The mission of the given organisation consists in creation and development of qualification system in the republic as part of the project «Regional System of Competences and Qualifications of the Big Urals».

«Agency of Professional Qualifications Development RB» sets as its purpose creation of the human resources development infrastructure and saturation of the market of modern professional qualifications. Among tasks of the given organisation is assistance to national system competences and qualifications development, maintenance of state and business with tools of the long-term strategic planning, the advanced preparation of professional potential of the country for economy modernisation to provide for competitiveness of leading branches and separate companies, it is said in the company press release.