21 November 2012, Wednesday, 10:10

Orthodox Christians celebrate Michaelmas on November 21

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

Orthodox Christians all over the world celebrate the holiday of Archangel Michael (Michaelmas) on November 21 and it is considered that all people celebrate this holiday because everybody has its own guardian angel.

The word “angel” stands for “messenger” in Greek and the Holy Bible call them so because the God reports His will to people through angels.

The Church honors Archangel Michael as the defender of the belief and the fighter with any kind of evil. On the icons he is demonstrated with the fiery sword in his hand or with the spear, subverting the devil. At the beginning of the IV century the Church instituted the holiday of the “council”, i.e. the holiday of all angels with Archangel Michael at the head on November 21.

Divine services, devoted to Archangel Michael, will take place in all churches of Ufa today.

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