20 November 2012, Tuesday, 14:40

Objects of power sector in Bashkiria successfully entered the period of maximum loadings

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Fall of atmospheric air temperature and increase of heating loading positively affected technical and economic indicators of the power equipment of Bashkortostan power supply system.

“The Bashkir Generation Company (BGK) and the Bashkir Heat Distribution System (BashRTS) smoothly entered the period of maximum loadings, the equipment works according to the schedule. The main equipment and auxiliaries of power stations and boiler shops are repaired and ready to the maximum loadings. Supply of heat energy to consumers is carried out in full, according to their demands,” the chief engineer of JSC "BGK" Vladimir Kremer marks.

From October 1, till November 15, heat supply from thermal power station collectors increased in the republic practically twice – from 32 thousand Gkal to 57 thousand Gkal.

For the same period the specific fuel rate for heat generation decreased from 146,79 kg/Gkal to 137,63 kg/Gkal. The specific fuel rate for generation of one watt of electric power decreased from 331,68 to 317,78 grams.