20 November 2012, Tuesday, 17:45

Destiny of projects with cost below 100 million roubles will be solved by investment representatives of municipalities

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Investments representatives will appear in cities and regions of Bashkortostan till the end of 2012. The sphere of their competence will include investment projects with cost less than 100 million roubles.

The next month republican municipalities should define the employees who will be in charge of the investment policy in their territory. Their primary goal is to construct within the limits of municipality the "single window" technology similar to that which operates today on the republican level, with joint consideration of projects, carrying out of calculations, formation of social councils, certain funds of support,” the Deputy Prime Minister of Government RB Evgenie Mavrin informs.

He marked that projects with cost below 100 million roubles is the level of municipalities.

themes: investments