20 November 2012, Tuesday, 15:09

Charity marathon “On the Way of Good and Mercy” to be held in Salavat

author: Marina Schumilova

Charity marathon “On the Way of Good and Mercy”, devoted to the Year of happy childhood and family values in Republic of Bashkortostan and to the Mother Day, will take place on November 22 in the town of Salavat, organized by the town administration jointly with the political party “United Russia” and the town council.

The marathon will take place in the Culture Palace of oil-chemists within the period between 12 and 18 o’clock. Any citizen of the town may contribute to the aid to children-orphans, children, left without parental care, disabled children and to families with scanty means, having many kids. Special sealed box for collection of means will stay in the foyer of the Culture palace. By the end of the action all money collected will be transferred to the special account, which will stay open during one more week after the beginning of the action.

Representatives of the town administration, deputy corps, “United Russia” and directors of local enterprises will take part in the marathon. The show, devoted to the Mother Day, will be played during six hours of the marathon on the stage of the Culture Palace.