20 November 2012, Tuesday, 14:18

Employees of Bashkir State Pedagogical University jointly with the clergy warn about threat of religious extremism

author: Alim Faizov

Meetings of informational-enlightener groups of the scientific center for development of Islamic education under the Bashkir State Pedagogical University with pupils of schools and gymnasiums, students, teachers and pedagogues, representatives of clergy and local administrations have taken place in ten towns and regions RB. The head of the center’s laboratory Zufar Timerbulatov reports the matter was how to withstand Islamic extremism and what we have to undertake to prevent young people from being captured with false values, with the help of which extremist parties and representatives of radical Islamic movements try to attract them.

“We hold such field lectures for already the third year” – the director of the center for development of Islamic education, doctor of philosophy Valerie Khaziev says – “The benefit of such meetings is mutual: from one side the listeners received the information they can’t find in any textbook and from the other side we get a chance to correct our work, taking the audience’s wishes into account”.