19 November 2012, Monday, 18:10

The third quarter appeared for "Bashneft" the most productive

author: Luboth Kolokolova

The net profit of "Bashneft" Group of companies made 547 million US dollars in the third quarter of the current year, that is by 62,3 % exceeds the level of the second quarter of this year.

For 9 months the net profit of Group of companies made 1,328 billion dollars, that is by 1,5 % exceeds the similar indicator of 2011. Thus the volume of net cash received fr om operational activity, for three quarters increased by 17,5 % in comparison with the same period of 2011 – to 1,817 billion dollars. Growth of cash flow from operations allowed "Bashneft" to increase capital-expenditure expansion by 5,9 %, to carry out dividends payment for 2011 and to perform obligations on securities repayment from shareholders within the lim its of "Bashneft" transition to a unified share.

The oil recovery at "Bashneft" deposits made 11,529 million tons in January-September this year, that by 2,4 % exceeds the corresponding indicator of the last year, the company press release reports.