19 November 2012, Monday, 14:23

Holy Trinity Church to be restored in Birsk

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

A possibility of restoration of the Holy Trinity Church is under discussion in the town of Birsk. The bishop of Neftekamsk Ambrosias has taken part in the meeting, held on this occasion in local administration.

The history of the Holy Trinity Church started in 1835. The church worked till 1957, until the authorities decided to open a cinema theater in its building. For the last years this monument of architecture was totally declined and officials started talking about its restoration only in 1988. During nine years the church was standing abandoned. The restorative works started only in 1997.

A charity fund for restoration of the church was specially established in Birsk. At present time certain agreements concerning restoration are already reached. The design estimates are prepared now. The builders face big volumes of works ahead. In particular, the authorities intend to restore the mural paintings in the building. At present the Holy Trinity Church doesn’t work. Divine services are conducted there only once a year – during Trinity holiday.

themes: religion