19 November 2012, Monday, 13:43

Development of intellectual property market to be discussed at the inter-regional conference in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

From November 22 till November 23 the inter-regional conference «Topical issues and prospects of development of intellectual property market in Bashkortostan and Russia» will be held in Ufa.

Among participants of conference are patent specialists, heads and leading experts of intellectual property departments of large companies and universities, representatives of small and medium business, inventors and developers of projects, young scientists and students.

As the head of the Territorial Innovations Centre of Bashkortostan Arthur Bogdanov marked, developers of innovative projects, companies and the country as a whole now very sharply face the problem of intellectual property protection. Not without reason tasks of the forthcoming conference include informing and training authors of innovative ideas, revealing problematic zones and developing the strategy of intellectual property market development in the region.

The venue of the inter-regional conference is a building of Academy of Sciences RB (15, Kirov Street,  Ufa).

Organizers of the conference are: Territorial Innovations Centre RB, the Centre of Cluster Development RB (GAU RNTIK "Bashtechinform"), Academy of Sciences RB; at support of the Ministry of Industry and Innovative Policy RB, Science Support Fund RB, Regional Branch of «Business Russia» organisation.