16 November 2012, Friday, 17:32

Valerie Sidorov: “The project “Compatriots” has wide social significance”

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The chairman of Chuvash Congress executive committee RB Valerie Sidorov believes that “United Russia” project “Compatriots” has wide social significance.

“Only deserved people create the image of any town or settlement” – he said to “Bashinform” – “And those, who have responsible approach to their business and families, have to be noticed. In my opinion people make the history of the country with their deeds, so we should have a good example before our eyes. Real patriots are the engines of progress and their endowment to development of the country can’t be underestimated, since great victories are built up with the help of these small bricks. Thanks to the project “Compatriots” people started thinking – how one can estimate activity of those, who live nearby. It will help to restore the memory about deserved people, whose names were once unfairly forgotten”.