14 November 2012, Wednesday, 14:04

50 percent of the unemployed receive the maximum allowance in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The maximum size of job seeking allowance – 5635 roubles – is received by half of Ufa townspeople, officially registered at the labour exchange. The minimum allowance – 977,5 roubles is assigned to 30 percent of the unemployed.

“Now the average size of the unemployment allowance makes in the Bashkir capital four thousand roubles, acting as the director of Ufa Employment Centre – youth labour exchange Nikolay Okunev reports.

As he said, now in the Ufa Employment Service database the information about 12500 available jobs is contained. Thus the wage level of 40 percent of vacancies contained in it makes less than 10 thousand roubles.