14 November 2012, Wednesday, 13:28

Bashkortostan delegation will take part in the forum and congress of «OPORA Russia»

author: Luboth Kolokolova

On November 14, the events dated for the 10th anniversary of the All-Russian public organisation for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship «OPORA Russia» will be held in Moscow. On Wednesday a forum «OPORA Russia» will be held, on Thursday – the next congress, on Friday – a meeting concerning small-scale business with participation of the Savings Bank of Russia, and then the Board session of «OPORA Russia».

The delegation of Bashkortostan will take part in the events headed by the chairman of the Bashkir regional branch «OPORA Russia» Denis Musin.

Within the limits of the forum discussion platforms will be organised on the topics: «Infrastructure: barriers or motivations to small and medium business development», «Demand for products and services of small and medium entrepreneurship (MSP). Outsourcing and localisation possibilities», «Human resources potential – the determining factor of small and medium entrepreneurship development», «Entrepreneurship climate and safety of business», «Small-scale business and municipal authorities», «MSP – new energy for public health services modernisation», «Social mission of business».

At the congress of «OPORA Russia» five representatives from Bashkiria will take part as delegates, including the chairman of Bashkir regional branch Denis Musin and chief executive Timur Lukmanov.