13 November 2012, Tuesday, 18:42

There are four vacancies per one worker in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

38 percent of those who registered in Ufa Employment Service have higher education. 25,5 percent of officially registered unemployed have secondary vocational education. 15,5 percent more have basic vocational education, Ramil Dilmuhametov deputy head of Ufa city administration marked at the press conference on November 13.

Meanwhile, steady demand on blue-collar occupations and specialities still remains in the Ufa labour market. Blue-collar jobs make 84 percent from the general number of occupations in the database of the capital labour exchange.

“Steel fixers, masons, carpenters, woodworkers, house painters, mechanics, turners, electric and gas welders, and also drivers of cars, conductors, yard keepers, road workers, sellers, cooks and candy-makers are in demand in Ufa. Besides, agents of the most different directions, tutors for kindergarten, managers, nurses and engineers are requested in the modern labour market,” Ramil Dilmukhametov says.

There are on average two vacancies per one unemployed Ufa resident now acting as the director of Ufa Employment Centre Nikolay Okunev reports.

“Thus four available jobs fall on one worker in Ufa. But there is one vacancy per each jobless white-collar worker or employee registered in the employment centre,” Nikolay Okunev added.