13 November 2012, Tuesday, 17:00

Exhibition of the South Ural artists will be opened in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The regional exhibition of the fine arts of the Chelyabinsk regional branch of «Artists Union of Russia» will be opened in the Ufa Art Gallery on November 16.

The exhibition is the reciprocal visit of artists and critics of Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk Region after the spring exposition of Bashkortostan masters of the fine arts.

About 200 works of painting, drawing, sculpture, arts and crafts from the heritage of the gone masters, and modern artists, and also from the fund of the Chelyabinsk museum of the fine arts will be presented at the exposition. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to see the most interesting works of the fine arts related to Chelyabinsk of 60-s the XX-th century and with the most popular modern writers.

The beginning is at 17 o'clock.