12 November 2012, Monday, 14:51

November 12 is the Day of trade-union official RB

author: Galiya Nabieva

Trade-union officials of the Republic celebrate their professional holiday today, November 12.

At present time Trade-Union Federation RB is considered one of the biggest public organizations in the region, numbering more than 800 thousand people. The Day of trade-union official RB was established in April 2008.

For the last years Bashkir regional trade-union council has passed several stagers in its development. With the beginning of market reforms trade-unions work according to the principle of social partnership, which allows solving many social and economic problems during negotiations between the state, employers and trade-unions – first of all the problems of salaries, labor protection and health improvement.

Within the frames of the day trade-union officials hold meetings with workers and veterans and round-table discussions, devoted to actual problems of trade-union movement.

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