08 November 2012, Thursday, 10:08

The register of Bashkortostan priority investment projects is replenished

author: Galina Bakhshieva

On November 7, in the republic Government a certificate on inclusion into the Register of Priority Investment Projects RB was handed over to the initiator of the project «Kronospan Bashkortostan» LLC. The similar certificate was received also by the M.Gafuri Bashkir Poultry-Farming Complex.

Delivery of certificates took place within the limits of the session of the governmental commission for consideration and support of priority investment projects of Bashkortostan.

Among topics considered at the meeting in the Government RB there was state support granting to the priority investment project «Development of the Ayazov Oil Deposit in Duvansky Region», investment projects on constructing a greenhouse complex for cucumbers growing in Buzdyaksky region and a complex for fur-bearing animals breeding in Kugarchinsky region.

Besides, at the session the priority investment project «Complex construction for deep processing of wheat to receive glucose-fructose syrups in Birsk region» was considered.

Also the priority investment project on manufacture of steel casting 110g13l was considered at the session of the governmental commission.