07 November 2012, Wednesday, 11:06

Police arrested hackers from Udmurtia in Ufa

author: Olga Murtazina

Thanks to vigilance of hotel personnel Ufa policemen managed to arrest the hackers, who stole money from foreigners’ accounts. Two citizens of Udmurtia at the age of 22 and 19 moved into a hotel, paying for residence with a bank card but money came from account of a foreigner. It alerted employees of the hotel and they called to the police. In the course of the investigation policemen discovered false bank cards and equipment for their reprogramming.

A criminal case is instituted against the suspected. According to the version of the investigators the cyber-swindlers searched for the data of clients of foreign banks in internet and made duplicates. With the help of these duplicates the swindlers bought various goods online. In order to cash the earning they were touring the federal highways, offering the truck drivers the fuel with abatement; drivers gave them money and they paid back, using the cards of foreigners.

The investigation is going on at present time, press service of Ministry of internal affairs in RB reports.

themes: fraud