06 November 2012, Tuesday, 18:15

Students of Bashkortostan’s institutes are rewarded with scholarships of the President and the Government of Russia

author: Elmira Sabirova

The grants of the President and the Government of Russia are instituted for support of students and post-graduates of higher education institutions, demonstrating spectacular achievements in scientific and educating activity.

In 2012-2013 school years 27 students and 7 post-graduates will receive scholarships of the President of Russia in Bashkiria. The majority of them study at Ufa State Aviation Technical University (UGATU). 19 students and four post-graduates of UGATU will receive presidential scholarships. The list of grant-holders also includes 4 students of Bashkir State Pedagogical University. At Bashkir State University and at Ufa State Oil technical University two students and one post-graduate will receive the scholarships plus one post-graduate at Ufa Academy of economics and service.

66 people are rewarded with the scholarships of the Government of Russia: 48 students and 7 post-graduates at UGATU, 4 students at Bashkir State Pedagogical University, three students and one post-graduate at Bashkir State University and three students – at Ufa State Oil Technical University.

themes: education