06 November 2012, Tuesday, 17:42

Ministry of Agriculture RB expressed its gratitude to “Gazprom Neftehim Salavat” for fertilizers delivery

author: Luboth Kolokolova

The “Gazprom Neftehim Salavat” Company received an official message of thanks from the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan Republic.

Among other obligations which were undertaken by the company during the sowing season, there was shipment of mineral fertilizers to the warehouses located in remote areas of our republic. For convenience of farmers a hot line worked round the clock concerning shipment of fertilizers, the enterprise press-service informs.

“Creation in various zones of remote warehouses and delivery of fertilizers by «Gazprom Neftehim Salavat» transport rendered essential help to republican agricultural producers and allowed to reduce time and expenses for transportation, to use machinery more effectively,” it is said in the letter.

Besides, for autumn top dressing of soil farmers of Bashkortostan were provided with difficult compound fertilizers on favourable terms.

It should be marked that JSC “Gazprom Neftehim Salavat” constantly improves quality of its production. During the sowing season the company delivered to farmers azotic-phosphate-potassium fertilizers of 15:15:15:10 brand with sulphur. These nitrate-free fertilizers promote growth of plants, increase of their productivity and preservation after harvesting.

«Gazprom Neftehim Salavat» is the main manufacturer of mineral fertilizers in Bashkortostan Republic. It issues ammonia, carbamide, ammoniac saltpeter, compound fertilizers of NP and NPKS brands.

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