02 November 2012, Friday, 13:15

Liquidation of ammunition on polygons of Central military district will be temporarily suspended

author: Sergey Zakharov

On the eve of the forthcoming holidays the command of the Central military district strengthened control of observation of safety rules as well as protection of the sites, where out-of-date ammunition is liquidated. In 2012 the Central military district liquidates more than 650 thousand tons of out-of-date ammunition and at that more than 100 thousand tons will be utilized at industrial enterprises and in special workshops. These works started on January 20. The end of ammunition liquidation is planned on December. More than 2,5 thousand servicemen and 600 special vehicles are involved in these works. About two thousand tons is liquidated daily and about one fourth is liquidated in accordance with the new technologies – without blasts, press service of the Central military district reports.