01 November 2012, Thursday, 22:12

Bashkortostan will receive more than 66 million roubles of grants for forest fire suppression equipment

author: Galiya Nabieva

The sum of federal grants to Bashkortostan for acquisition of specialised forest fire suppression equipment will make 66 million 843 thousand 200 roubles. Dmitry has signed the order concerning distribution of the grants for 2012 given from the federal budget to subjects of the Russian Federation on purchase of the given machinery.

The contract total sum on purchase of equipment in Bashkortostan should make 72,8 million roubles. 35 units of specialised equipment, including heavy equipment, for suppression of forest fires will be bought on these means in the region.

The greatest sizes of grants (more than 100 million roubles) are defined for Irkutsk, Sverdlovsk, Amur, Leningrad Regions and the Zabaikalye Territory. The total sum of grants from the federal budget 2012 for acquisition of equipment for suppression of forest fires will make 3 billion 500 million roubles.