01 November 2012, Thursday, 10:32

Vladimir Potsyapun: “Agidel is the town with rough history but with the unique potential”

author: Eliana Saitova, Marina Schumilova

Within the frames of the regional week the State Duma deputy Vladimir Potsyapun has paid a visit to the Bashkir town of Agidel, where he was talking to deputies of the town council, heads of institutions, pedagogues and activists of youth organizations.

“It is important when people can talk about their problems openly and freely” – the deputy said – “whether the matter is the prospects of their native town, novelties in Russian education system, imperfection of federal legislation in sphere of housing and communal services or problems of local hobby centers for children and teenagers”.

The deputy has also communicated with the directorate of local nuclear power plant.

“Agidel is the town with rough history, per se it is a satellite town” – Vladimir Potsyapun mentioned – And, sure, its destiny and further prospects are not indifferent for me, as an atomic specialist. The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov also pays close attention to development of this territory. Thus, opportunities for development of local river port and construction of a railway to the north through the town are discussed at the highest regional level now. In such case the town has all chances to become a well-developed transport nodal point. Resumption of erection of the nuclear power and development of transport infrastructure are the problems, which solution both social and economic situation not just in Agidel but in the Republic in a whole will depend upon”.