31 October 2012, Wednesday, 10:07

On November 1, coins with Leopard, Polar bear and Hair will appear in money turnover

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

The next coin in honour of Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi will appear in circulation on November 1. It is executed from non-precious metal and differs with colourful design. Its face value – 25 roubles is designated on the front face, the coin’s reverso has colour images of three talismans of the Games – the Leopard, the Polar bear and the Hair, and also the Olympic Games emblem.

The coin is white; its diameter is 27 mm, and circulation – 250 thousand pieces.

You can pay off with such coins as with common ones. As lawful means of cash payment in the territory of Russia, they «are obligatory for reception in face value in all kinds of payments without any restrictions», the external and public relations department of the Bank of Russia marks.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation issues investment and memorable coins from precious and non-precious metals, devoted to winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi since 2011.