30 October 2012, Tuesday, 18:08

Growth of transportations by city electric transport is marked in Ufa

author: Luboth Kolokolova

207,3 million passengers were transported by all kinds of city passenger transport for nine months of the current year. Including 166 million people were transported by buses that makes more than 80 percent from the total amount of transportations, by electric transport — 41,3 million passengers or about 20 percent. Albina Yusupova, the deputy head of Ufa administration said about it at the press conference in the city mayoralty on October 30.

According to Albina Yusupova, the share of fixed-route taxis constitutes 73,5 percent from total bus transportations. As the positive fact the vice-mayor marked the growth of transportations by city electric transport. Thus, from January till September this year trams and trolley buses were used by 3,5 percent of townspeople more than for the same period of the last year. Daily more than 150 thousand people go by electric transport in Ufa.