29 October 2012, Monday, 17:57

Bashkir River Shipping Company delivered large-sized cargo for oil refinery

author: Luboth Kolokolova

The Bashkir River Shipping Company successfully finished transportation of large-sized cargo by the river White. The reactor of 380 tons for oil refining factory at first was transported fr om Gulf of Finland to Dzerzhinsk. Then Bashkir river shippers delivered it by cargoship "Oksky-71" to the port wh ere overloaded it onto the barge towed by «Rechnoy-61». On October 22, the barge with cargo safely arrived to the port of Blagoveshchensk, but for reactor unloading it had to construct a special temporary berth, and that took several days. Unloading of the 380-ton equipment was finished on Saturday then the unit was shipped to the destination by a trailer.

According to the Bashkir River Shipping Company, this year two such scale operations were performed. Early in November one more cargo is expected. After it the navigation-2012 which was taking place in conditions of catastrophic lack of water, most likely, will end.