29 October 2012, Monday, 10:14

During next years foreign cars will not be cheaper

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

In the nearest couple of years common consumers will not feel a difference in the cost of automobile foreign cars in connection with Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization, but in the subsequent years cars should fall in price.

“At present rates of import duties for the cars, which individuals import for private use, did not undergo special changes,” the deputy chief of Bashkortostan Customs Dmitry Mosalev informs. “Changes concerned, basically, those vehicles which are used in the trade turnover.”

According to Dmitry Mosalev, decrease in rates will be considerable and will gradually extend for all kinds of cars and transport as a whole. Thus the longest transition period for coming into force of new rates is related to cars, helicopters and civil planes – up to seven years.

The deputy chief of Customs also marked that since 2018 when existing agreements on industrial assembly would terminate, Russia completely would cancel import duties for car components.