24 October 2012, Wednesday, 17:15

Mazurka to be danced in the National library RB

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

A fancy-ball will be held in the department of foreign editions of A.-Z.Validi National Library at the address: 10, October Revolution Street (in the former private residence of Feodor Tchizhov merchant) on October 26. One of organizers of the ball, the employee of the French reading room of the National Library Olga Bayurshina told about it the "Bashinform" agency.

“Waltz, polonaise and mazurka will be danced by pupils of the Ufa Grammar School No.3 and School No.45, and also students of capital universities,” Olga Bayurshina explained. Visitors of the holiday will be able not only to watch how people danced at balls in the 18th century but also to see how they were dressed at that time – all dancers will be dressed in ceremonial dresses of the corresponding epoch.

The ball will start at 16 o'clock.