24 October 2012, Wednesday, 16:29

Gafur Salikhov:”Bashkortostan has potential for development”

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The all-Russian sociology congress goes on working in Ufa.

“Students and pedagogues of our institute were taking part in preparations for this forum” – the dean of the philosophy and sociology faculty of the Bashkir State University Gafur Salikhov says – “Thus, the theme of one of its sections, devoted to problems of globalization, aroused my interest and within its frames we were discussing the problem, what globalization was connected with, what does it bring and what was its influence upon global economic processes. During the meeting we were trying to characterize the level of participation and influence of our Republic upon all-Russian economic processes: what are the functions of this influence, what are the capacity and power, taking human resources, material, educational, spiritual and intellectual resources into account. In the course of the discussion it became evident that our region can be regarded as a model one and at the same time it has necessary potential for development”.