24 October 2012, Wednesday, 13:52

Sugar beet harvesting is finished in the majority of Bashkiria areas

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to all available data from the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan, in 17 from 24 republic areas harvesting of sugar beet is finished.

As the Ministry press-service informs, this commercial crop is harvested almost on 48 thousand hectares that makes 97 percent from the plan.

Average productivity of sugar beet in the region reaches 185 centners per hectare. Meanwhile, more than 200 centners per hectare are received by beet growers of Blagovarsky, Buzdyaksky, Gafuriisky, Ermekeevsky, Karmaskalinsky, Meleuzovsky, Chekmagushevsky and Chishminsky regions.

The quantity of harvested sugar beet exceeds at present 887 thousand tons. From them over 675 thousand tons are sent for processing. Farms of Chishminsky (more than 116 thousand tons), Blagovarsky (over 114 thousand tons), Buzdyaksky and Karmaskalinsky (per 107 thousand tons each) regions secured the most quantity of sweet root crops.

Farms of Karmaskalinsky and Buzdyaksky regions sent sugar beet for processing more than others — 97 and 80 thousand tons, accordingly.