24 October 2012, Wednesday, 13:07

The accession to WTO will lead to reduction of customs revenues to the budget

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Russia's joining the World Trade Organization will lead to reduction of volume of customs duties and payments. According to the deputy chief of Bashkortostan customs Dmitry Mosalev, already today the average size of the state duty decreased from 10 percent to 7,8 percent.

“Decrease will concern more than 1000 commodity items. As a whole we have hardly more than 11 thousand of them  — thus, the duties will be practically lowered for 10 percent of goods, and in the long term some rates will be set to zero absolutely. Accordingly, decrease in volume of revenues to the budget is predicted,”  Dmitry Mosalev marked.

Thus he underlined that we will feel some significant changes as a result of the WTO joining in  five-ten years. In many respects it is connected with transition period operation. For each group of goods it is special, thus the longest – about seven years – is established, in particular, for foodstuff.

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