24 October 2012, Wednesday, 12:54

Muslims celebrate Arafat Day today

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Muslims of the whole world are celebrating Arafat Day today. It falls on the ninth day of the lunar month zyl-hidja – on the eve of the main Muslim holiday Kurban-Bayram – and represents a sort of remainder about the forthcoming Judgment Day.

According to the legend the peak of Arafat, located near Mecca, is the place, where Adam and Eva met each other after they had been exiled from Paradise. Today millions of pilgrims, making hajj, are standing near the foot of this peak, praising the God, praying for pardon of sins and asking Allah for the goods for themselves and their relatives, thus making one of the key hajj riots. They have to stand and pray for forgiveness of their sins till the sunset.

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