24 October 2012, Wednesday, 9:45

Four hemotransfusion stations will be opened in Bashkiria in 2013

author: Elmira Sabirova

Divisions of the Republican Hemotransfusion Station will be opened in the towns of Sibay, Kumertau, Nerftekamsk and Beloretsk in 2013, press service of the Ministry of health protection RB reported.

The first deputy Minister of health protection RB Alexander Afanasiev says the necessity in centralization has ripened before the Ministry long ago.

“Blood service must have modern material-technical base for protection of blood and its components. Now we have plenty of stations and points, producing blood components, and many laboratories, investigating donor blood. Their low equipping still remains one of the main brakes of progress in the blood service” – he said.

Republican blood service will consist of 17 medical institutions, 3 hemotransfusion stations, 6 departments at Ufa medical institutions and 8 departments under urban and regional Republican hospitals and, for example, there were 39 institutions in the blood service in 2005. 18 departments have been reorganized since 2007.