23 October 2012, Tuesday, 18:18

Staff of Bashkortostan customs will be reduced almost by 20 percent

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Regular number of Bashkortostan customs will decrease almost by 20 percent by 2013. In total 89 positions will be cancelled, the chief of Bashkortostan customs Yuriy Vladimirov informed at the press conference which took place in "Bashinform" agency on October 23, having marked that the forthcoming staff reduction becomes the next stage of Russian customs bodies reorganisation according to the decree of the President of the country on optimisation of state employees quantity.

According to Yuriy Vladimirov, vacant positions, and also the employees, who deserved the right to retire will be reduced first of all. The rest will be rendered assistance in employment. Thus, letters about vacant experts are sent to republic employment bodies.

The structure and quantity of posts in the structure of the republican customs remain invariable. Work effectiveness of customs in the conditions of the reduced staff should remain at the former level, the head of Bashkortostan customs underlined.