22 October 2012, Monday, 17:00

Mutually advantageous conference of bankers and insurers will take place in Ufa on October 23

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Conference of bankers and insurers on the topic «How to earn on joint products?» will be held in Ufa on Tuesday, October 23. Its participants will be offered to estimate a current state of the banking insurance market of Bashkortostan and its prospects, to discuss problems which banks face at introduction of loan debtors insurance system, to define advantages of individual and joint insurance schemes, etc.

The meeting of financial experts will take place in "Bashkortostan" hotel from 10.00 till 12.00 o’clock. Participation in the conference is free of charge. In order to take part in its work you should register by e-mail office@bashins.ru or by phone: (347 292 23 22 (additional 2019), the website of Association of Credit Organisations RB informs.