22 October 2012, Monday, 14:31

Nikolai Samoilenko has become the head of a Youth parliament commission under State Duma

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The chairman of the Youth Chamber under the State Council RB Nikolai Samoilenko was elected the chairman of the commission for natural resources, nature management and ecology at a meeting of the Youth parliament under Russian State Duma. According to him a serious work preceded this election.

“A serious work of all members of the Youth Chamber RB preceded my election” – he said – “We’ve made a big project for monitoring of water objects in Volga federal district on the territory of Volga river basin. With the help of regional youth councils RB we’ve collected all necessary data. On the base of the general analysis we’ve made a big report, which was compared with the reports of other regions, included into the staff of Volga federal district. According to these reports we made a general report and sent it to the address of the President of Russia”.

At the Republican level the Youth Chamber RB has formed several proposals on improvement of ecological situation in Republic of Bashkortostan. These proposals were submitted to the State Council RB and to the Government RB.

“Besides, we’ve conducted several ecological actions, directed to improvement of the state of local water objects. With this groundwork we came to Moscow and I offered my candidature to the office of the head of the commission, supervising the problems of ecology. Three candidatures were eliminated. According to the results of the elections the work in our region was called the best”.