22 October 2012, Monday, 10:21

Round-table discussion, devoted to reforms of power and management vertical, will take place in Ufa on October 23

author: Marina Schumilova

Round-table discussion “Ripen reforms of power and management vertical: all-Russian tendencies and regional specifics” will take place in Ufa on October 23 within the frames of the IV all-Russian sociology congress. Deputies of State Duma and State Council-Kurultay-RB, representatives of the Presidential Administration RB and leading sociologists from Russian regions will take part in it.

Problems concerning administrative reform of power and supervisory bodies in the regions, perfection of the system of assessment of public and municipal employees and activation of the institute “Open Government” for strengthening population’s confidence in power structures will be under discussion.

Presentation of the results of the sociologic survey concerning public-political moods of residents RB, conducted by VSIOM and ordered by the Social-Conservative Politics Center and the Russian Politics School, will also take place during the discussion.

The discussion will be held in the conference-hall of the Russian Politics School (Ufa, Communist Street, 39). The beginning is at 14 o’clock.