19 October 2012, Friday, 11:43

Stars of motor racing will enter the stage of Culture House “Chemist”

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

Solemn evening party, devoted to the 75th anniversary of Bashkir motor racing, will take place on October 19 at Ufa Culture House “Chemist”.

The first official motor racing competitions have taken in the Republic on May 18, 1937. In 25 years Bashkiria has become an acknowledged center of Soviet motor racing and some central newspapers even called Ufa its capital. Motor racing has become a visit card of the Republic, same as Bashkir oil and Bashkir honey.

One can see many those sportsmen, who once made Bashkiria the famous motor racing center as well as the whole Soviet Union, on the stage today. The best racers of the past and the present, coaches and organizers, referees and sponsors will be honored today as well as those, who have already left us and there are already many of them.

The beginning of the action is at 19 o’clock.

themes: motor racing