17 October 2012, Wednesday, 18:06

Rail Asadullin: “Small schools should be connected to educational portal”

author: Elmira Sabirova

“The problem of small schools is, surely, worked up in the bill “Education in Russian Federation” but I failed to discover the mechanism, able to allow such schools to function as well as urban schools and here the problem can’t be solved just with the help of the main law “Education” – the rector of the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute Rail Asadullin says – “We have to work with small schools and should make really revolutionary steps in this direction. For example, small schools are connected to internet today and we would be able to improve the content of education there as well as the professional staff of local teachers, switching such schools to the special educational portal. In such case children can join the educational process in real time mode and we work over this problem now. If we use internet resources competently and both children and teachers know how to work with educational networks, the problems of small schools can be at least partially solved”.

themes: education