16 October 2012, Tuesday, 13:13

A plenary gathering of Bashkir parliament to be held on October 24

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The 56th gathering of the State Council-Kurultay-RB will take place on Wednesday, October 24. This decision was reached during a meeting of the Bashkir parliament’s presidium. Deputies intend to consider about 40 Republican bills.

Ten bills will become laws, including the bills “Alteration of the law RB “Municipal service”, “Alteration of the Ecological Code RB” and some others.

About 25 bills will be considered in the first reading, including “The budget RB-2013 and for the period 2014-2015” and “The budget of the territorial obligatory medical insurance fund in 2013 and for the period 2014-2015”. Besides, such Republican laws as “Natural medicinal resources, health-recovering territories and resorts in Republic of Bashkortostan”, “Specially protected natural territories RB” and “The objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of nations in Republic of Bashkortostan” expected to be corrected.