16 October 2012, Tuesday, 10:26

Agrarians of 11 Bashkir regions finished sugar beet harvest

author: Galina Bahkshieva

At present moment sugar beet harvest is over in 11 regions of the Republic. Yesterday sugar beet growers of six regions RB – Davlekanosvki, Ermekeevski, Ishimbayski, Kugarchinski, Sterlibashevski and Chekmagushevski – announced the end of the “sweet harvest”.

According to the latest information the area of harvested sugar beet exceeds 43,4 thousand hectares – 85% of the harvest plan.

Sugar beet crop capacity reaches 176 centners from one hectare in Bashkortostan. More than 766 thousand tons of sugar-beet is dug out for today. 576 thousand tons is sent to the local sugar plants, press service of the Ministry of agriculture RB reports.