15 October 2012, Monday, 17:18

It is officially registered 24 thousand of unemployed in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

At the moment there are more than 24 thousand officially registered unemployed people in Bashkiria. The rate of unemployment on the beginning of October made 1,2 percent in the region, the Directorate of Public Employment Service RB informs.

For first nine months 2012 by means of employment service more than 64 thousand inhabitants of Bashkiria managed to find jobs. Over 7300 unemployed started for this time to pass vocational training directed by employment service bodies. About 43 thousand people were recognised as unemployed.

In total from the beginning of the year information more than 230 thousand free workplaces was sent to the republican job bank. Today it contains the information about 40 thousand vacancies.

The intensity factor, or ratio of unoccupied to number of vacancies reaches 0,6 so far.

Meanwhile, the number of gainfully occupied population makes, according to all available information, 2062,4 thousand people. Number of jobless people, according to standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) exceeds 130 thousand people.

Level of the general unemployment, according to ILO standards reaches 6,3 percent in the region.