15 October 2012, Monday, 14:36

Central Election Commission of Bashkortostan summed up preliminary vote results

author: Galia Nabieva

According to preliminary information 1252446 electors have taken part in municipal elections in Bashkortostan, the Central Election Commission RB reported – 77,2% of the whole number of electors, included into the voting lists.

High attendance was registered in the majority of Bashkir regions.

54 territorial electoral commissions and 2753 district electoral commissions, formed by the territorial ones, conducted the elections to the representative self-government bodies RB. 1115 mandates were replaced in total complexity.

Touch-screen voting machines were used at 108 election stations of the Republic according to the corresponding decision of the Central Election Commission of Russia (two machines in every district).

It should be reminded that elections of deputies to councils of 14 municipal districts, the main and additional elections of deputies to several rural councils and municipal elections in the towns of Tuimazy and Durtuli have taken place in Bashkortostan on October 14 – the Unified Vote Day.