14 October 2012, Sunday, 10:32

Municipal elections are held in Bashkortostan on October 14

author: Marina Schumilova

Elections in 54 municipal districts are held in Bashkortostan today, October 14. All elections are held according to the majority voted system (in one-mandate election districts). As soon as the elections according to the mixed system – in one-mandate districts and according to the party lists – can be held only for representative bodies, numbering more than 20 deputies, the councils, where the number of deputies is lower than 20, are elected at the present municipal elections in the Republic.

4,8 thousand elections of different levels in 77 of 83 Russian regions are held in the country today. Elections of governors are held in five regions – in Amur, Belgorod, Bryansk, Novgorod and Ryazan regions. Elections of regional legislative assemblies are held in six regions – in North Ossetia, Udmurtia, Krasnodar, Penza, Saratov and Sakhalin regions. Municipal elections of different levels are held in other Russian regions. More than 22 million voters – the fifth part of all Russian citizens, having the right to vote – may take part in the elections.

More than five thousand election stations in seven regions are equipped with web-cameras – in Belgorod, Bryansk, Ryazan, Amur, Novgorod, Kaliningrad and Moscow regions, Russian Central Election Committee reported.

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